is a Url shrinking tool that gets you money. It works very simple. You register, put url that you wish to shrink and when someone click on your adfly link you get paid for it.

Minimum amount to withdraw is 5$ and it is moved to your PayPal, or Payzaa account every first Monday in month.

Link to register is


ShareCash is the place where you can get money for uploading stuff. The process is simple. You upload something, do a little marketing for yourself, get people to download you file, and you get paid for that. The trick is next. In order for people to download your file, they need to finish some survey which cost, usually by mobile operators. Amount to earn depends only on you. And if you think is hard to marketing yourself, think just of Youtube, Facebook, Twiter... They are all free, for a start.

Click here to register

You Cubez

You Cubez is a place where you can earn money, and in the same time you can promote any website you have! Instead of wiewing sites as links, here are links to sites in form of a cube. Evry cube is some site actaly. But let's focus on earning area at the point. You have 3 tipes of earnings.

1. is CubeFunds, and they are for adding worth to yours cubes.

2. is AccountFunds and they are only for buying items on site(cubes,membership,etc)

3. is EarningFunds and this is real money which you can actually withrdraw.

This is how actually looks cubes for real cash:

You can ask for payment when you have 8£ via Payzaa or PayPal

Link to register is

Now for the part where you can advertise here.
You can buy cube for 1£ and start with 0, or you can buy some cube that is on sale by other memmber an get a head start. That actually means that you can buy some cube for let's say 5£ that has in it some CubeFunds and what that means is that your cube will have more visitors since it is on first lets say 10 pages, and not on 500 page, what is case when you buy new cube. You can complete offers to get AccFunds and then buy cube, or you can get 5£ when you have clicked on 100 EarningFunds.
Not whery simple, but you can get more information on their forum.


BUXP is one of the most popular PTC sites. It started in 2008 and until to this day no one had any problems with it.
The site offers many ways to make money such as: first and most basic way to earn by clicking, watching a videos on youtube, do surveys, finishing some offers. BUXP offers you to install their toolbar, so that when an ad is ready to be clicked, the notification will be given to you so you can click it.

Daily wage depends only on you, can be up to 15 cents if you are persistent. Another great thing is that you do not have a max amount of referrals that you can get. As further means that you earn unlimited, if you are persistent to gain numerous people.

The minimum amount that you can raise is $ 8

Link to site is


Cashnhits offers a variety of income, from the good old way of clicking on ads, to autosurfing, watching videos on youtube, liking websites, completing offers, email address and some other, less important ways. Autosurfing system is a way to make watching videos on youtube.

When you start with autosurfing, you will open a window that will turn clips from youtube. During that time you can do other things until Autosurfer is done with giving you videos.

The first minimum payment that you can ask for is 1.5 $, then 2, 3, 4, and then you end up at $ 5 you can ask for payment.

Link to site


ClixSense is one of the best PTC sites. They are a bit stricter than the rest of the sites, in fact, you must be on the down until you spend certain amount of time you are required to stay on site. There are 4 types of income: first and main of course is to click the ads, the second to finish a given tasks, but they require a purchase, so if you are not willing to pay, do not go here, the third is to finish the assignments, and the fourth are some games, where every day you have a chance to earn $ 5.

Daily you can earn about 10 cents only to ads.

 Minimum payout $ 8

Link to site is


GlobalActionCash is one of the newer sites, but his reputation is becoming bigger and bigger. There are various ways to profit from ordinary PTC to completing various offers and much more. There are two ways to earn. The real money in the form of points. Points can be used to purchase some things that exist on the site, or to replace the points for cash and vice versa.

Daily income is about 10 cents, and could be higher depending on how much you work and what jobs you finish.

The minimum payout is $ 2.50

Link to register is

Incentria Briefly the site where you enter and you havea small number of adds on which you click and you make a small profit. Not very good, but in addition they have offers, through which you do business like MW and you earn from the 10centi and more! So it's more than a good site!

Minimum payout is $ 1

Daily you can get  around 0.05 on the ads. If you purchase Elite account, you will be getting more ads.

Link for registraton is


Jillsclickcorner site is online since 2006. Of course there are many ways to earn. PTC is the main course. Daily minimum wage is about 10 cents. The good thing is that you do not have a limited number of referrals, which of course means more referrals, the more you are eanrning.
You also have some games play for real money.
There is only one important rule!
The data you provide during registration must be accurate, otherwise you waiting ban from the site. So be careful what you do!

The minimum payout is 2.5 $

Link to site


MyBrowserCash a pretty easy way of earning money if you spend much time at the computer.The way it works is this: There is a separate program that stands in the lower right corner (near the clock) that periodically shows ads that you need to click. And that's it basically. Average earnings per day may not be accurate to say. It varies about 10 cents per day. So the more time you spend at your computer more you earn. In addition to this, there is a way of earning at the site, MyBrowserCash.

Earn Money is a part where you can increase your profits by filling out the various offers and making more clicks on the sites. Per one day it is possible to click on 20 ads.

The minimum payout is $ 20

Link to register on the MyBrowerCash is


Neobux PTC site gives the ability to earn by clicking on ads and completing offers. Offers are to be paid of course and actually force you to buy a product. So do not do that. The smallest amount you can withdraw from the site and transferred to your account are $ 2. Profit is very little, about  0.05$ a day. During the day if you spend more time at the computer and constantly visiting site,
You can earn much more. T
he reason is simple, those expensive commercials come and go, and you must be present so you can click on them.

And now, serious money can be made using this site only if u upgrade your account and u have around 100 referals, and more.

Calculator is

Link to site


Excellent site, where you will download and install cashbar which will be  working for you, so to speak. By Earning shells at the end of the month, they will be turned into real money. In addition to the surfbar, there is variety of games to play, and various bonus chances. Per day there is a couple of bonus opportunity, when you click on the bar, as soon as bonus appears. Also there will be one appearing of an plankton in surfbar, click it and collect as many as you can. Where you have the opportunity to win a variety of passes and extra shells. The website provides many more types of income as well as entertainment.
Check it out.

The minimum payout is 15e

Link to the website