Freelance Sites

Freelance sites is where big money can come, but only if you do your job, and i really mean doing your job. The system is simple, you can work for someone, finish job, you get paid, certain % goes to site, and rest goes to you. If u want to make job you can do that, and chose best worker to complete that job. On some sites you have program that monitor your work, so you can't cheat. Price can be fixed per job done, or you can get paid hourly, depends from job to job. Here is the list of most popular Freelance sites.

1. Elance
2. Odesk
3. VWorker

Jobs are divided in groups (Multimedia Design, Virtual Assistants, Business Services, Programming, Writing, Marketing,) and each one gives you a subgroup. These 3 sites gives you best working opportunities at lowest fees. There are much more freelancer sites, but i prefer these 3, simply because they are very good at what they do. Interface is simple to use, people who you work for, are pretty much professionals, there are plenty of jobs available, and the biggest reason is small fees. around 10%. Here are some screen shots of sites where you can see types of jobs that are:

<<<===VWorker (click on a picture for bigger preview)

 <<<=== Odesk (click on a picture for bigger preview)

 <<<===Elance (click on a picture for bigger preview)

Besides these 3 sites, I also like to use these following sites where is much easier to work:

 1. 99designs         <<== Site all about designing stuff.

 2. Fiverr               <<== Site where u post something you are willing to do for 5$

3. Microworkers   <<== Kinda Micro Freelance site, since I started with internet buissnes with this site,                                                                                                                        I will tell you something about this site HERE since it very good site!

That would be it, good luck!